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Green Hedge (Outdoor)
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Big Shrub Tile with Red Flowers (Outdoor
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White Flower Big Leaves (Outdoor)
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Green Maple Tile (Outdoor)
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Ball Leaves with White Flowers Tile (Out
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Green Sunflowers Leaves tile Outdoor)
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Mix Dry & Green Leaves Shrubs Tile (Outd
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White Flowers Big Green Leaves Tile (Out
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Round Mix Leaves Tile (Outdoor)
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 Artificial Tiles for Vertical Garden 

Advantages :

Looks Natural, Zero Maintenance, Aesthetic Looks, Easy Installation Process,

Ready Made Tiles (with all kinds of leaves and flowers), Big Tiles, Less Joints

Applications :

Terraces, Building Facades, Compound Walls, Balcony Walls, Highlight Walls, Unused Walls, Temporary Green walls


1. Practically maintenance-free. No watering or weeds

2. Easily installable on any wall, indoor or outdoor, without      the limitations of sunlight or the confines of space

3. Cost efficient

4. Stays green & luscious for many years

5. Helps your eyes relax - gazing at the color green has          been to reduce eye strain

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